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On June 12th, Dunnington hosted a presentation by IFG (Institute For Family Governance) entitled Geopolitical Risk and Keeping Together a Thousand Year Old Family.

The speaker  was Carlos de Habsburgo, His Imperial Royal Highness Archduke Carl von Habsburg-Lothringen, the grandson of the last emperor of Austria-Hungary.

He focused on the importance of family values in enabling family members to maintain their relationships and identity over many generations.  His family values include faith, education, quality time with children, annual meetings with family members all of whom live in different countries and knowledge and appreciation of history.  This strategy has enabled the family to transcend the misfortunes of war and politics through the generations.

The event was booked to capacity.

Annie –Claire de Habsburgo with her two sons (center) and attendees

Babetta von Albertini, Carlos de Habsburgo, Annie-Claire de Habsburgo, Susan Rothwell