Trademark Bulletin October 2018

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Owner of The Wizard of Oz TMs Opposes Pagan Elder’s Application for Wicked Witch TM

Turner Entertainment Co. (subsidiary of Warner Bros.) filed a petition against Wicked Witch Studios’, application for WICKED WITCH MOJO used in connection with its magical line of “candles, aromatic essential oils, incense, and scented room sprays” which are available in in metaphysical shops nationwide. Read More

Trademark Bulletin September 2018

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Dunnington Litigation Team Wins Complete Dismissal in SDNY Against Notorious TM Troll

On September 10, Judge Laura Taylor Swain dismissed trademark infringement claims brought by Michael Gleissner, one of the world’s most infamous trademark trolls, against a Hong Kong-based satellite operator in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Read More

Trademark Bulletin July 2018

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SDNY Denies Plaintiff Romance Author’s Request for Injunctive Relief Against Competing Use of TM “COCKY”

On July 5, Judge Alvin Hellerstein issued an order stating that a plaintiff romance author who owns a trademark in the word “cocky” for “a series of books in the field of romance” failed to show irreparable harm and likelihood of confusion if the defendant authors were to proceed with using the word “cocky” in connection with their romance novels. In their opposition to the motion, the defendants argued that the plaintiff could not monopolize “cocky” in connection with romance novels because the word is widely-used in romance novels and it is artistically relevant to the content of romance novels. The case is currently pending in the SDNY.

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Dunnington Partner Donna Frosco: President of the Federal Bar Association, SDNY Chapter

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Donna Frosco has been installed as President of the Southern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Sullivan presided and administered the oath of office to Ms. Frosco at a swearing-in ceremony held on October 18, 2017 at the Daniel P. Moynihan United States Courthouse in Manhattan. The Federal Bar Association is a national organization of 20,000 federal legal professionals, more than 1,500 of whom are judges. The organization was founded 1920 to strengthen the federal legal system and administration of justice by serving the interests and the needs of the federal practitioner, both public and private, the federal judiciary and the public they serve.